Home Based ECE

Home Based Education

If you are looking for childcare in a home environment, one of our home-based Educators might be right for you. Home based educators work from either their own home or yours, looking after a maximum of four preschool children at any one time.

Our home-based educators give personalised care and attention to a very small group of learners, and enjoy regular educational trips into the local community, such as playgroups and field trips. Each of our home-based educators receive excellent support from our ECE qualified Mentoring Teachers, who visit monthly to provide guidance and support along with lending you books and other resources. You will receive our informative quarterly newsletter and an attractive journal recording your child’s learning adventure.

Sometimes home-based educators look after siblings from the same family over time and the educator becomes “part of the family”, following the children with interest right through to adulthood!

What you will Receive

  • Small Group of Children

    Your home-based educator will never have more than four children on their premises at any one time; including their own children, and no more than two under 2 year olds. This means it is very easy to give the kind of one to one care and attention your child needs and deserves. They also get to socialise with a small, friendly group, rather than getting lost in a crowd.

  • Qualified ECE Teacher Support

    Mentoring Teachers visit on a monthly basis during care hours. They provide support for your Educator, and encourage education tailored to children’s learning styles and interests. Our teachers will often bring supplies of books and toys, which the family can borrow. There is always a Mentoring Teacher on call in case of emergencies.

  • Funding Support

    Once registered to Bright Child Educator, our Educators will qualify for a weekly payment of up to $70 per child. Financial assistance is also available for Educators to gain their First Aid Certificate. We also provide families with access to a number of local programs and attractions at our special members-only rates.

  • ECE in Your Home Language

    We specialize in supporting our Educators in their native language. Our visiting ECE teachers are multilingual and guide your child’s learning journey in English, Mandarin or Cantonese.

  • Bright Child Groups

    Bright Child Groups and events run regularly at a variety of locations. They range from regular play groups to excursions such as gym groups, fire station visits and zoo trips. All Bright Child Children are invited to these excursions.

  • Educational Support

    Educators are able to use our educational book and CD resources as well as access our in-house professional development programme. A journal recording your children's interests and learning is maintained. Parents can even follow their children’s individual learning journey through our personalised app.

Matching a Home Based Educator

We take great care in matching an educator with families.

Wherever possible we will match you with a home based educator who suits your family. Depending on availability, we will match you with an educator who is local (to minimise your travel) and who has compatible values and culture. Your home based educator will ask about your child’s learning style, their personality, interests, sleeping patterns etc to ensure a very happy transition and settled start. They will be guided by our qualified ECE Mentoring Teachers at all times to ensure that they enjoy great learning experiences, along with the other children in care.